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Welcome to Labridge Farms

Your one-stop destination for premium farm meats.

Our Animals

At Labridge Farms we produce high-quality, organic animal protein. Our cattle are raised exclusively on pasture forage and hay; our cattle are not grain-fed. Our pork is raised primarily on compostable food waste supplemented with spent beer grains or commercial hog grower as required. None of our animals are given any amount of prophylactic antibiotic medications or growth hormones of any kind; our animals receive only food and fresh water.


We raise primarily Scottish Highland cattle and Highland / Hereford crosses. Our beef is rich in nutrients, lean, well-marbled and incredibly flavourful! Highland beef is nutritious with lower levels of total fat and cholesterol and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than other beef varieties.

A picture of a Labrige Farm's Highland cow


A picture of a Labrige Farm's Berkshire pig

We raise primarily Berkshire pigs for our pork. The Berkshire pig is a heritage breed, and often called the “wagyu of pork” the meat is prized for its rich, complex flavour and succulent texture and marbling. You will find the meat a darker red and sweeter, more flavourful meat than conventional commercial pork.

Our Pricing

We sell our beef and pork by the side

We also sell lots of ground beef separately as well at $6.00/lb.

Labridge Farm's beef

$6.00/lb dressed weight

Sides of beef include:
  • Various cuts of steak
  • Various cuts of roasts
  • Clear (boneless) stew meat
  • Ground beef
Labridge Farm's pork

$5.00/lb dressed weight

Sides of pork include:
  • Pork chops & roasts
  • Cured ham steaks & roasts
  • Smoked bacon
  • Spare ribs
  • Ground pork
  • Sausages (various flavours available)

Why Choose Our Meat

Antibiotic free

Hormone free

No pesticides or herbicides used on property

Naturally lean and delicious Highland beef

Heritage-breed pork products

Free-range eggs

What Our Clients Say

There is simply no comparison between the flavour of this pasture-raised beef and what you get at the grocery stores!

- Mike

We have been so pleased with sides of pork we have purchased from Labridge Farms. It has such a rich flavour – and the price is great for the quality that we receive!

- Scott & Kelly

I buy sides of both beef and pork and I am very happy with the variety of cuts and quality of the meats.”

- Doug

Do you have questions about our products or want to place an order? Contact us below:

Glenmont, Nova Scotia